About the Book

Dr. Moorman knew Barack Obama before he stepped onto the world stage–and before the Democratic political machinery made him into someone unrecognizable. In these pages, she introduces you to the Barack Obama whom she knew. You may recognize him, for he is not much changed. Many of his actions as our nation’s president are mirror images of what he did to his classmates at Harvard 25 years ago. Some things never change. Barack Obama never changes.

This is his story.

Concerned over the imminent passage of Obamacare, in the fall of 2009, Dr. Moorman traveled to Washington, D.C., where she met with the National Republican Party. At their suggestion and with their support, she considered a run for national political office. Her experience, recounted here, speaks volumes about what is wrong with American politics, and why our current politicians are incapable of delivering real progress and prosperity to an American public in desperate need of leadership. In the process, Dr. Moorman shines a spotlight on the American political machine and demonstrates how, in its current perversion, it elevates and protects those who would harm the country, even as it prevents good people from serving in public office or even lending their voices to the debate.

This is our story.

Finally, this is the story of the American public and its future access to the health care that is essential to a happy and productive life. Obamacare promises to leave you with a future both unhealthy and insecure. Despite the promises of campaigning politicians to “repeal and replace” that bad law, for reasons explained in these pages, that is unlikely to happen. In fact, our current political system is literally incapable of providing any such relief. Eventually, when it comes time for you or someone you love to be denied care, you will be told that it is not personal. You will know that it is.

This is your story.

This the truth that you have never been told–until now.


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