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Rhonda Moorman is a physician and attorney who practices both disciplines in her home state of Georgia. A quarter century ago, she attended the Harvard Law School, where she was a classmate of Barack Obama’s. In the years after, she returned to school to study medicine, joining the fourth generation of physicians in her family.

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama ascended the Democratic political ranks, eventually becoming the country’s 44th president. In that position, he enacted, as his greatest domestic achievement, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. In so doing, he signed the death warrant of the American health care system. He also made it impossible for Dr. Moorman to care for her patients.

It is ironic that Mr. Obama and Dr. Moorman studied law together, then, 25 years later, met again (figuratively, at least) in the clash between his public liberal progressive social and political agendas and her private ability to care for her patients.

This is their story.




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