From Mr. Obama and Me:

“As his law school classmate, I knew Barack Obama 25 years ago. I knew him long before the fake Greek columns, the chants of “Yes we can!” and the empty but poetic promises–ridiculous in retrospect–to stem the rising of the oceans and heal the planet. . . . Obama was actually quite notorious on the campus of the Harvard Law School–but not in a good way. Obama was well known, but not well liked. He was resented; not admired. . . . In other words, we knew Obama for all the wrong reasons.”

“As his presidential campaign got underway, I watched as the Democratic political machine transformed Obama into the ‘constitutional law scholar’ and model Harvard Law School student that he never was. I watched as legitimate questions regarding the place of his birth and his early political and religious associations were dismissed as the angry, antiprogressive chatter of a racist white America–the same ‘racist white America’ that elected him president. I watched as he promised to change America, to which no one seemed inclined to ask the obvious question: ‘Into what?’ I watched him–half black but also half white–again don the seemingly predestined mantle of Racial Progress in America. Black America’s first president. I watched as Louis Farrakhan proclaimed him the ‘Messiah.’

Through it all, I remembered our experience at Harvard. I remembered what we, Obama’s classmates, knew about him. I remembered why it was that we neither liked nor trusted him. I remembered what he did to us.

The country was being lied to. I knew that.”

“Of all of the harmful things done by Barack Obama (and there have been many), perhaps none is as egregious as the passage and implementation of Obamacare. That law ensures that the federal government will control every aspect of your life. And make no mistake: Obamacare has nothing to do with health or care. It seeks neither to improve the care that you receive nor to lower its cost. It is all about control. Obamacare laid the groundwork for the federal government to control you through the care that you receive.”


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